Fuel your fun at CCMF with a great breakfast

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Having fun takes a lot of energy.
Spending the better part of a day and night outside dancing to your favorite country music stars’ songs takes stamina. Avoid a premature exit by fueling your body properly, which starts with a nutritious breakfast.
Alyssa Schroeder, a registered dietitian at Tidelands Health, the official health care system of the fest, says you should eat protein, vegetables, fruits and a high-quality carbohydrate at breakfast. This could include scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions along with a slice of whole-grain toast and some low-fat yogurt with nuts or fruit.

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The goal is to consume 25-30 percent of your daily calories at breakfast. Most people should eat about 2,000 calories a day, so breakfast should make up 500-600 calories. Try to consume about 30 grams of protein, which can help keep you feeling full longer.
Avoid refined cereals and bagels, which may provide “empty calories” and can cause you to become hungrier more quickly, Schroeder says. Also be sure to check the labeling on protein or meal replacement bars, which can contain significant amounts of added sugar.
Added sugar should only make up 10 percent or less of your daily caloric intake, and you can easily exceed that target with a single protein bar.
Here are some healthy strategies to help ensure your breakfast will get you through the day:

  • Buy breads with extra fiber.
  • Drink fruit nectars instead of juice.
  • Seek breakfast cereals with at least 3 grams fiber per serving.
  • Eat oat bran and whole grain hot cereals.
  • Sprinkle wheat bran or oat bran on yogurt.
  • Add fresh or dried fruit to cereal.
  • Make a smoothie with fruit and ground flax seed.
  • Substitute whole wheat or oat flour in pancake, muffin or waffle recipes.
  • Add canned beans to eggs or omelets.

Schroeder said it’s important to make sure to stay hydrated during the festival. Not only can consuming water help you maintain energy levels and avoid dehydration, it also helps you feel more full and can help reduce the amount of food you eat.

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