How to avoid achy, breaky feet at the country music fest


How to avoid achy, breaky feet at the country music fest

A lot of people will be kicking up their heels in cowboy boots when the Carolina Country Music Fest hits Myrtle Beach in June.
The sold-out festival is expected to draw thousands of people, many of whom will don beautiful – if sometimes uncomfortable – leather cowboy boots.
Michelle Sine, a physical therapist at Tidelands Health, says if you’re going to wear boots, there are ways to help prevent them from becoming a sore spot in your festival experience.
“The last thing you want is blisters or tired, achy feet,” says Sine, who practices at Tidelands Health Rehabilitation Services at The Market Common. “A lot of times cowboy boots don’t have a lot of cushioning and arch support, and they can be very hot.”
Tidelands Health is the official health care provider of the festival. The health system will be on site with local first responders to provide urgent medical care and will support attendees’ health with health tips shared on the performance screens and an on-site information booth offering free hand sanitizer, while supplies last.

Stay nimble

To help prevent achy, breaky feet, Sine recommends wearing a pair of boot socks to absorb sweat and reduce the chance of blisters.
For anyone considering purchasing a new pair of boots for the festival, make sure they fit well, she says.
“A more expensive pair doesn’t necessarily mean better fit or comfort,” she notes, encouraging people to find a store that offers professional guidance on fit. “It’s essential that you find a boot that matches your foot (size and shape).”
She also strongly encourages people to ensure their boots are properly broken in before the festival.
“You don’t want to go and buy brand new boots and try to break them in at CCMF,” Sine says. “Wear them around for increasing periods of time as much as possible before the event so the boot can mold to your feet.”

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Consider bringing another pair of comfortable shoes and extra socks and leaving them in the car, Sine says. That way, you can swap in case your boots start to interfere with the experience.
The festival allows attendees to leave the festival site and return if the individual is wearing his or her official festival wristband.
“It’s a good idea to bring a pair of more comfortable shoes in case you start to reconsider your choice in footwear,” she says.
Although the allure of wearing cowboy boots to a country music festival is strong, Sine says sneakers are probably a more practical choice. Flip-flops and sandals, which typically offer little or no arch support, probably rank as the worst.
“At least boots have a closed toe,” she says. “You don’t have to worry about someone stepping on your toes or getting bug bites or sunburn on your feet.”
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