Married health care providers receive COVID-19 vaccine together

Married health care providers receive COVID-19 vaccine together

Dr. Christopher Bach, in scrubs, and his wife Amy Bach, an ER nurse practitioner, received the COVID-19 vaccine together.

On Thursday, Dr. Christopher Bach and his wife, Amy, an ER nurse practitioner, became the first married couple at Tidelands Health to receive the COVID-19 vaccine together.

The family that vaccinates together stays safe from COVID-19 together. Just ask Tidelands Health gastroenterologist Dr. Chris Bach and his wife, Amy Bach, an ER nurse practitioner with the health system. 
On Thursday, the Bachs became the first married couple at Tidelands Health to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Bach and Amy Bach sat side by side as nurses simultaneously injected them with the new vaccine.
“This is a huge step toward keeping myself safe and keeping my patients safe,” Dr. Bach says. “I’m very excited to get the vaccine.”

An example for others

Tidelands Health began offering the COVID-19 vaccine to team members this week. Because of limited supply, the vaccine is currently only available to certain priority groups, such as health care professionals and those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, but the CDC believes all adults who want a vaccine should be able to receive one in 2021.
On Thursday, doctors, nurses, therapists and other health care professionals patiently waited their turn at vaccine clinics at Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital – eager to receive the first dose of what is a two-dose vaccine regimen. Those vaccinated will return in 21 days to receive their second shot.

Find answers to your questions

Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Click here to go to the Tidelands Health COVID-19 vaccine resource center. 

The COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary for Tidelands Health team members.
Amy Bach says it was important for the couple to receive the vaccine early to set an example for their patients and the community.
“I could not wait to come in today,” Amy Bach says. “I’ve read a lot of the research. I trust our medical system and our scientists. …
“It’s just imperative to get ourselves all back to what’s considered normal and to protect our families and each other.”

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