One department. Four men. Five babies.

Kevin Masseth and daughter Raegan

Kevin Masseth and daughter Raegan

Four dads — five babies.
The men in information systems at Tidelands Health have given new meaning to the health system’s baby-friendly designation. And they’ve got the babies to prove it.
Nobody’s saying what’s in their water, but four members of the department have become dads to five babies in the last five months.
That would be technical support specialist Kevin Masseth, who with his wife, Liz, welcomed baby girl Raegan in October, launching the baby boomlet.
“Yep, Kevin started it,” says information services analyst Cameron Landry, whose wife, Heather, welcomed twins – baby boy Connor and sister Avery — on Jan. 18.
Next up were senior technical support analyst Ronnie Bright and Jacki Bright, a nurse in the Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital emergency department, who added Parker Mae, their first daughter, on Feb. 13.
Less than a week later, system administrator Leroy Cohen and his wife, Jameka, became the parents of Destini Le’Sha Ahava Cohen on Feb. 18 at Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital. Destini is the second generation of Cohens born at the hospital. Her dad was born at Tidelands Georgetown on Christmas Day in 1987.

Cameron Landry and, from left to right, Avery and Connor

Cameron Landry and, from left to right, daughter Avery and son Connor

Cohen and Landry are first-time dads. Bright has two sons, Noah, 7, and Luka, 4, and Masseth is the father of a 2-year-old son, Xavier.
Masseth and Bright seem to be taking it all in stride – most of the time.
“I’ve been through the process before,” says Bright, sounding like a veteran. Still, his role as the father of three brings its own challenges, leaving him grasping for a credible answer to his sons’ questions about his new sister. Bright says, “Sometimes Noah will say, ‘Daddy, she’s so beautiful, but can we take her back?’”

Parker Mae Bright, daughter of Ronnie and Jacki Bright

Parker Mae Bright, daughter of Ronnie and Jacki Bright

“Schedule is such a definite term,” says Masseth, who takes a more flexible approach. “At our house, we have an outline. We follow it as close as we can and enjoy every second of pandemonium that fills in the blanks. And we’ve enlisted Xavier’s help. Anything we can get him to do, he does.”
Bright and Masseth join in the “horror stories” about lost sleep, the seemingly endless round of diaper changes and, in Landry’s case, a family dog that ate half a pack of baby wipes. They all roll their eyes when Cohen tells the story about giving his wife orange juice to (unsuccessfully) quell her morning sickness.

Destini Cohen, daughter of Leroy Cohen

Destini Cohen, daughter of Leroy Cohen

Bright also dispenses tips for the newbies.
“Karo syrup is great for gas,” he tells Cohen. “And you can schedule diaper delivery through Amazon Prime, and they’ll be on your doorstep when you need them.”
Landry, who’s become adept at balancing a baby in each arm, says he’s been “terrified and ecstatic” at the same time since Connor and Avery were born. Landry commutes weekly from Fort Collins, Colorado, so having family in Colorado has “definitely helped out” and relieved some anxiety.
Although Cohen was moved to tears when Destini was born, he says tears quickly gave way to practicality, and now he and Jameka share nightly baby responsibilities. “We take shifts feeding, burping, rocking and putting Destini to sleep,” Cohen says. “That baby rules the house and is the focus of all our attention.”
“It’s been absolutely wonderful hearing them all talk about their babies,” says Barb Riddell, associate vice president of information services who became a grandmother for the first time on March 10 when her daughter gave birth to a baby girl in Ohio. “It’s reassuring to learn that these are good men and that our team is blessed with so many.”
All four dads beam at the description. And before dashing back to work, they agree that being a hands-on dad has definitely altered their priorities.

“Who knew getting a burp out of a baby would be so gratifying?” Landry asks.

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