Sweaty, sticky, stinky: How to stay fresh at Carolina Country Music Fest


Sweaty, sticky, stinky: How to stay fresh at Carolina Country Music Fest

Some of the nation’s hottest country music stars will take the stage at the sold-out Carolina Country Music Fest June 8-11.
If you’re among the tens of thousands of people planning to go to the festival, you may find yourself feeling the heat, too, and not only in a musical sense.
Combine the sunshine, warm temperatures, crowds and a bit of dancing, and you’ve got a recipe for sweaty skin, a parched mouth and less-than-pleasant body odor.
Dr. James Turek, a family medicine physician with Tidelands Health, the official health care provider of the festival, says the key to staying crisp is preparation.
“Being comfortable in the heat is all about thinking ahead,” says Dr. Turek, who practices at Tidelands Health Family Medicine at Garden City. “It’s important to thoughtfully consider what you’ll wear and bring to stay as cool as possible.”
Tidelands Health will be on site with local first responders to provide urgent medical care and will support attendees’ health with health tips shared on the performance screens and an on-site information booth offering free hand sanitizer, while supplies last.

Choice in clothing

One way to keep feeling fresh is to make sure to think about your choice in clothing.
Dr. Turek encourages people to consider material made of cotton, linen or jersey. Because they are breathable, they’re good choices for withstanding heat. Avoid silk, polyester and nylon, which can retain heat.
“Fabrics that trap heat can lead to more sweating and make you uncomfortable,” Dr. Turek says. “You want to wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing that will breathe.”

Stay smelling fresh

Make sure to remember to apply a deodorant and antiperspirant, too, he says, to help control your sweating and body odor. You can use antiperspirant on your hands and other parts of the body to help tamp down on sweating and make contact with others more comfortable.
If you’re worried that your deodorant won’t make it through a long day at the event, consider bringing deodorant wipes you can use to keep yourself refreshed. The wipes won’t melt in the warm weather, and you can keep them in your car to use as needed.


Before and during the festival, avoid spicy or highly aromatic foods such as garlic and onions, Dr. Turek says. They can introduce an unpleasant scent to your breath and increase body odor.

Fans and more

It’s also a good idea to find shade when possible, and consider bringing a small fan to help you cool off. One of the most important things festivalgoers should remember is to drink lots of water, Dr. Turek says, to help stay properly hydrated.
“A bit of forethought goes a long way,” Dr. Turek says. “By making a plan to beat the heat, you’ll be able to focus more on having fun and less on how sweaty or hot you are.”

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