How often should people pee every day?


How often should people pee every day?

Ever wonder how often you should pee?
Everyone is different and so is the number of bathroom breaks that people may need throughout the day, says Dr. Annaceci Peacher, a urogynecologist who provides care at the Georgetown and Holmestown Road locations of Tidelands Health OB/GYN.

Varies by person, habits

As a general guideline, Dr. Peacher tells patients it’s normal to pee every two hours during the day and once during the night. So long as you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated and the frequency of your bathroom trips isn’t negatively affecting your quality of life, there’s typically little cause for concern.
The size of your bladder, the amount and types of liquid you consume, your age, health conditions and other factors play roles in how often you may need restroom breaks.
However, if you experience a sudden change in the frequency, color or smell of your urine, you should seek medical care, Dr. Peacher says. Those types of sudden changes could be a sign of a new infection or other medical condition that needs medical attention, she says.


Another challenge that many people, particularly postmenopausal women, experience is urge incontinence, when the bladder contracts prematurely and tells the brain it’s time to pee.

People with the condition may plan their lives around trips to the bathroom or bring changes of clothes in case of a leak.
Although women may come to believe it is normal with age or after pregnancy, help is available, Dr. Peacher says. She routinely assists women overcome the condition and get back to their normal ways of life.
Treatment varies based on each patient and her unique circumstance but can include lifestyle changes, medications, physical therapy and surgery.
“Urgency frequency can be effectively treated,” Dr. Peacher says. “Many patients don’t realize they don’t have to live like that.”

Dr. Annaceci Peacher is a fellowship-trained urogynecologist who provides care at Tidelands Health Women’s Center. She is accepting new patients.

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