Rest: Just as important as exercise


Rest: Just as important as exercise

No doubt about it, exercise is good for you. But so is rest.
Need convincing? Just ask Dr. William Greer, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Tidelands Health Orthopedics and a member of the Tidelands Health Sports Medicine Institute, a team of specialists, therapists and trainers who have extensive experience treating amateur and professional athletes.
“Rest is every bit as important to physical fitness as exercise is,” says Dr. Greer, a former team physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates. “The body needs time to recover, especially if you are exercising strenuously.”
Dr. Greer and other Tidelands Health physicians have helped make Tidelands Health a regional leader in sports medicine. Tidelands Health is the official health care provider for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and the official health care system of the Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers.
Whether you are an amateur athlete or a pro, it’s critical to incorporate rest into your workout plans, Dr. Greer says. That means taking days off from working out and making sure to get enough sleep.
“It’s easy to focus so much on achieving your goals that you don’t rest enough,” Dr. Greer says. “But without proper rest, the body can’t properly repair and replenish itself.”
A few benefits of rest:

  • Lower risk of injury
  • Good mental conditioning to complement physical conditioning
  • Improved reaction time
  • A stronger immune system to ward off infection and keep you active

Some people believe that taking time off will hurt their performance, Dr. Greer says, but that’s not the case. A day or two of rest is not going to reduce your endurance or strength, and in the long run can help improve results.
“Listen to your body and heed its signals,” Dr. Greer says. “You know whether you’re feeling good or starting to drag a bit. Pay attention and use common sense. Your body will tell you if you are overdoing it.”

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